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    We are proud to announce that Pacific will be reset on Saturday September 26th at 3:00 PM EST!

    (Use this to convert the above time to your own timezone.)

    NOTE: You will be able to connect to both pacific’s by hub, The current pacific will be put into legacy mode, so you will still be able to play

    After countless weeks of testing, We are finally ready to announce an all new style pacific! This new pacific will be very different from the current pacific, from general quality of life changes to removing prestiges, re-balanced enchants for you to choose your own play-style! We hope this will be the most exciting release yet!

    Key Features


    As we all knew, a lot of you missed quarries, some of you didn't because they were broken early game, so we decided to fully revamp the concept of a quarry, this is called a autominer! This autominer stays in your inventory, and mines away for you, you can upgrade using /enchant and apply regular pickaxe enchants to it!

    Prestiges have been totally removed, and we have decided to replace them with ranks! Ranks are extremely grindy, and will take a lot of grinding to get to the top rank! R200, you will need to rank up to receive new blocks for your private mine, use these new blocks to gain EVEN MORE! etokens while mining and from robots!

    Paths have had an all new redesign! There are now 3 paths, decide your progression do you want more beacons, more blocks or fancy a chance at being lucky?. Spend the time mining through the ranks and max them all!

    Ever wanted to combine your robots to a new tier? Use the same tier together to get an EVEN BETTER robot!. with this NEW robot design we have given you the chance to buy all 10 robots from /buffingstation! All obtainable FREE ingame! Make sure to check out /robots for all statistics and to be able to COLLECT all your etokens from afar!

    Out with the old unused spawn mines, log in with an all new FREE private mine. These mines are completely customisable, build the theme around your mine to how you want!

    Gotten bored of coin flip? Now there’s THREE New game modes to try out! Maybe you fancy a 50/50 chance of hitting riches, or maybe you want to get lucky with our NEW LOTTERY system! Make sure you check out /casino!

    ECO Changes
    Hey we get it, money has had no use on MCPrison for AGES, so we’ve decided to completely scrap money! ETokens will be the currency for EVERYTHING such as buying blocks, or maybe ranking up, you can do that with etokens now! Custom enchants? We’ve got you, shards are no more, and have been replaced by our new /bshop!

    Buff shop
    We all know beacons are VERY useful for upgrading robots, and that’s about it right? Well not anymore! Try out our new Buff shop, where you can buy Robots, potions and more for beacons!

    We have finally decided to revamp voting, voting will be very useful now, when you’re on, check out /vote! TEST out your luck on our lucky rewards, or grind up the milestones to get rewards such as a $10 Voucher!

    We have finally decided to revamp pouches, we have decided to add FOUR New pouches! You can get these pouches from fighting bosses, to opening up crates! These pouches are very overpowered, and include crystals, beacons, boosters and etokens!

    To make the game more fun and grindy, we have reworked the kits on pacific, you can see what your kit now has on our buycraft, GKits have also been changed and you can see the changes on our buycraft!

    PvP Changes
    We are listening to you! We understand that a lot of people disliked our current pvp last season, so we have decided to update it! These changes include no void pvp, a grapple cooldown of 40 Seconds, and potions what are available via /bshop!

    Poseidon Rank
    We have finally decided to introduce a new rank! Poseidon rank will now be the top rank around, More details can be found Here! This rank is a MONTHLY EXCLUSIVE rank, so make sure to take advantage of our release sale!

    And more! #changelogs for all the details! Hope to see everyone there!

    https://discord.gg/mcprison | MCPrison.com​
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